5 Things To Look After When Going To A Festival

1. Finding the festival

Planning a trip is not easy, especially when you go to a festival abroad. So if you’re going by car always make sure your navigation system works correctly. If you’re using public transport be sure to check the departure and arrival times and be prepared in case of delays. Nobody likes to be late and miss the party. Festivals usually have a map or a guide on how to get there on their website. 


2. Weather

Nobody likes a festival with a lot of rain, shoes full of mud and tents full of water. We can’t change the weather but we can check the weather forecast. Pack your bags according to the weather. Sunglasses and a raincoat are never a bad idea.

3. Timetables

Deciding is difficult, especially when you have to make a choice between which DJ’s you want to see. What if your 2 favorite DJ’s play at the same time at a different stage? Will you to see the whole performance? Will you walk to the other stage in the middle of the set? Not to mention when your friends don’t match your schedules. It’s a nightmare. Make a list and a plan of the DJ’s you want to see before going. 


4. Lost things

From all the dancing and walking, it’s easy to forget that we carry things in our pockets. Your phone, keys, money, ID’s, tokens… Before you know you lost something. Make sure you always leave things you do not need at the campsite or in a locker or carry a bag that allows you to dance comfortably and have your belongings in a safe place.


5. Losing your friends

When your friend goes to the bathroom alone or goes buy something to drink, it’s easy to lose eachother. Always set a meeting place in case this happens. You don’t want to spend your precious time looking for eachother.


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