7 Podcasts for Hardstyle Lovers

Podcasts are pretty much non-live internet-based radio shows that are free and can be listened to at anytime. The Hardstyle and Hardcore music podcasts usually air monthly.

There are a lot of reasons to listen to podcasts. Scientists have proven that listening to music could help your exercises and help to remedy tiredness, increase performance and twinkle feel-good vibes.

I love podcasts, and I want to share my favorites with you.

1. Unleashed by Digital Punk
You know what to expect when Digital Punk creates a podcast: only the hardest tracks of the scene. Digital Punk is dedicated to unleash heavy-hitting music in every show each month. He provides you with the latest news, sneak peaks and best new tunes of the moment.

2) Keeping The Rave Alive (KTRA) by Kutski
KTRA is presented by the UK's number one Hard Dance DJ - Kutski. He brings you the biggest and best rave selection featuring 360 degrees of the harder styles with special guest mixes every week!

3) HARD with STYLE by Headhunterz
HARD with STYLE is a home to lovers of the harder styles in dance music and a platform for new talents to shine. Set up by Headhunterz in 2013 the podcast has become a movement in its own right. The fans are introduced to the favorites and must-hears every month.

4) Global Dedication by Coone
Global Dedication, presented monthly by DJ Coone is a podcast created by the purest dedication of Hard Dance! Coone’s personal touch on each episode will give you that feeling of wanting more and more. Enjoy the ride!

5) Masters of Hardcore
Masters of Hardcore is the world’s leading podcast of Hardcore music. They make sure to bring you the highest quality tracks each month. Be prepared to get your mind blown.

6) WE R Hardstyle by Brennan Heart
Brennan Heart will bring you the best and most recent tracks of the month. Always loaded with worldwide premieres and a variation of styles, this podcast is your best choice when you are looking for fresh and innovative music.

7) Hardstyle Sessions by DJ Isaac

Since the start in 2009, Hardstyle Sessions by DJ Isaac was one of the first podcasts that offered Hardstyle. With his podcast he brings Hardstyle to another level. DJ Isaac knows how give a powerful feeling to each session.


What is your favourite Harder Styles podcast? Let us know in the comments! 🎉  🔽

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  • What about louder by dj the prophet? One of thr biggest of all. Can’t believe its not on this list.

    Jessica salazar
  • We R Hardstyle ?


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