My 5 Favorite Hardstyle Artists

1. Wildstylez

Unless you've been living under a rock, you should have heard about him. Wildstylez, also known as Joram Metekohy is my all time favorite Hardstyle artist for many reasons. I simply love every single track he has released since the beginning of his career. His euphoric style always moves me. His megahit "Year Of Summer (with Niels Geusebroek)" and "Every Step I Take (with Bright Lights)" are my personal favorites.


2. Wasted Penguinz

On spot number 2: the Wasted Penguinz. These two DJ's/producers originating from Sweden are known to be a little crazy and are always up for a beer. Jon and Pontuz had their breakthrough with their song "Melancholia". What I love about them is that they have always stayed true and loyal to the euphoric sound. My favorite songs are "You Can't Pull Me Down" and "Magic".


3. Da Tweekaz

These two guys couldn't be missed from my list. Da Tweekaz are known for their super catchy melodies and feel-good hardstyle. Since they started releasing their music on Dirty Workz in 2010, their career has skyrocketed. My personal favorite tracks are their remix of "Darren Styles & Re-Con ft. Matthew Steeper - Rest of Your Life" and "Frozen (Disney Tool)".

4. Refuzion

Refuzion is in my opinion one of the most talented new hardstyle producers. He has played at events like Defqon.1, The Qontinent and Reverze. His song "Without You" has reached more than 2 million streams on Spotify! My personal favorites are "Another World (together with Noiseshock)" and "Without You".

5. Code Black

And last but not least... Code Black. This Australian hardstyle DJ and producer had his claim to fame with "Red Planet" in 2011. He is also a member of the act Bioweapon, together with Audiofreq. I absolutely love his songs "Pandora" and "You've Got The Love".


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